Board members

Board X



Coen Vermeij – Chairman


Hi, my name is Coen Vermeij. I’m 22 years old and the coming year I will fulfill the role of chairman of Euphorion. I’m in my third year of Literary Studies and besides that I study Law, of which I’m in my second year. This may seem as an odd combination, but I would like to remind you that once my bestsellers drops I, as a certified lawyer, will be able to draw up my own copyright license agreement. Favorite book: Amerika by Kafka, favorite food: cashewnuts, least favorite activity: posing for a portrait. I assume that in the coming time we’ll get to know each other better and hope that you’ll have a wonderful time in Utrecht!

Annegida Koek – Secretary


Hey! Nice to see you on our website. I’m Annegida: checker of e-mails; creator of calendars; secretary. In short: busybody of Euphorion. Be warned: I read all of the e-mails you send us (please be nice!). Another fun thing about me: I’m a little too obsessed with memes and vines, haha. I like to swim and naturally you can always find me with my nose in a book. Don’t be scared off by my morning look on lecture days; I’m happy if I show up five minutes late in one piece, with messy hair and a big sweater. In this essay about hating mornings, I will – 

Iris Besseling – Treasurer


Hiya, I’m Iris, 19 years old, and a second year student. This year I’ll be Treasurer of Euphorion (which sounds so much better than the Dutch word for it). So basically, I’m the one that has to make ends meet after the cuts the University made this year. My ultimate goal in life is to make a living out of writing. On top of that I also want to travel to every country imaginable. My hobbies include reading (duh), writing, Netflix, Disney, board games, looking through comics, vinyl or Dr. Martens, and everything music-related. If you’re ever looking for someone to take to a concert or festival: hit me up, I’ve been to over 50, but I’m nowhere near done with them.

Mara van Herpen – Commissioner of Internal Affairs


Hey! My name is Mara, and at the moment of writing this I am 19 years old. I will be Commissioner of Internal Affairs this coming year, which means I oversee our Facebook, website, and Euphorion’s brand new Instagram page. I am a second year student of Literary Studies. When I’m not reading or scrolling through various social medias, I work on my own writing with a record spinning in the background. Being a cliche is great.

Renske Bakkenes – Commissioner of Public Relations


Hey Hey! I am Renske, 23 years old (any shorter version of my name is fine, if you have trouble pronouncing it) and in the approaching academic year I will be the Commissioner of Public Relations for Board X. This means that for any education questions, study book problems or more general questions about the study, you can come to me. That also means that I will have a lot of contact with Savannah Bay, the bookstore which provides our literature for school. I love to read a lot of course and if I am not doing that I like to watch movies and tv series or I can be found at events like Comic con or Eflia. One of my ambitions is writing my own novels, and that is something I am working on in this study.