As a member of our study association you can attend fun events and activities organized by our committees. Being a part of a committee gives you the opportunity to get to know the study association and its members and you can develop skills or use your talents.

Theatre and film committee
Euphorion tries to organise two film nights each year. These evenings are held to relax with each other while enjoying a good (or not so good) movie. Tasty snacks and good company always make these evenings a big success. This year, we also want to occasionally visit a theater performance. By joining this committie you can decide what we are going to see!

Reading committee
The aim of this committee is to introduce the students to genres other than you have to read for the lecture, such as poetry and graphic novels. The committee picks a book and arranges things like a location, snacks and drinks. You also close deals with local bookstores to ensure students can get their hands on a copy. This to organise an evening full of literature, book lovers, discussions and new insights.

Travel committee
This is perhaps the most important committee. Once a year we leave our cold little country to go on an adventure. Last year we went to beautiful Sofia and this year we want to outdo this trip. If you join the travel committee you will have the opportunity to organise the highlight of the year. You can help by booking flights, hostels and activities or keep an eye on the finances/ promotion. Get those people to pack their bags and join the trip!

Writing committee
The youngest committee, founded last year, is perhaps the most fun to join. Last year, we had a smashing success with the organisation of the writers’ café where aspiring writers could bring their work. Professional writers were invited to help people to improve their work. Add a few beers, a good conversation about writing and you’ve got yourself a perfect evening. The sequel of the writing cafe was the writers table, in which students truly wrote masterpieces. Do you have any more ideas for the writing committee and would you like to help organize, then become a part!

Literary pub crawl-committee
The literary pub crawl combines two things that every student loves, alcohol and literature. We explore Utrecht at night and listen to recitals from well-known and lesser-known writers who would like to share their works with us. At the end of the evening there is an open stage where everyone can perform. Sign up if you want to help make this beautiful evening in June a success!

Freshman committee
The first-year students are the most important members of Euphorion, but the previousboard has noticed that the first-year students are less active at the events, which of course is a shame! This is why this year the first year committee was created. Under the leadership of a board member, a number of first-year students will form the communication link between the board and their year. They will ensure that activities meet the needs of the first-year students. Think, for example, of passing on timetables to plan events in a favorable way and organizing activities for first-year students only.