Literary Studies

Utrecht University

Do you want to study Literary Studies and are you curious what this is like at Utrecht University? You can find all kinds of information about the study program, teaching methods, admission, this course at the UU, etc. at the Bachelor site of Literary Studies. At the UU course site you can find more specific information about compulsory courses, choice courses, teachers, etc.

Study advisor

Do you have more specific questions about the Literary Studies course at Utrecht University? The study advisor can help you there. Drs. Harriët Luijendijk – Jungerius is the study advisor for the Bachelor’s degree programs in Languages, Literature and Communication. On this site you can find her contact details.


For each course you will hear from the teacher which books you need for it. You can buy these books at Savannah Bay. At the beginning of the block, the books are already there in stacks ready for you! You can also order the books through their web shop and have them delivered at home. What a luxury!

Education Committee (EC)

In addition to the board and committees of Euphorion, student literature studies are also active in the education committee. This committee consists of two student members, two lecturers and a study advisor. When each course is finished, the participating students are asked by mail to complete an anonymous evaluation form. These forms are discussed by the EC and, if necessary, the course is adjusted. It is therefore important that every student fills in these evaluation forms!

The EC also has the task of advising on the Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER), evaluating the OER annually and, if requested, or of their own accord, to issue advice for the board of the program and the dean on all matters relating to education .

In addition, the EC has two new student members every academic year. You as a student can also get a place in this committee, learn a lot about the organization of the program and also get a say in it.


For more practical information about the program, look here.