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Dear students of Literary Studies,

Welcome to Utrecht and welcome to the bookstore Savannah Bay! They are a little independent bookstore located in the city centre of Utrecht. Savannah Bay provides, in collaboration with Euphorion, the compulsory study books for the courses.

Savannah Bay is a special bookstore with a specialisation in literature and poetry from domestic and foreign authors. There is also a special section reserved for books about gender and LGBT. Savannah Bay offers an extensive and surprising assortment of titles. Other than literature and poetry they also have books about lifestyle, cooking, postcolonial studies, YA literature and sexuality. Savannah Bay has all the study books for Literary Studies, Dutch, Art History, Language Studies and Gender Studies.

Here is some information about how you can buy the books:

List of literature

Before a course starts you will find a list in the store containing all compulsory and recommended study books. The books needed for the first year students will also be on the website.


The books will be available from approximately halfway August. You can either come to the store to pick them up or you can order them to your doorstep. The shop is easy to find. It is in the city centre (next to film theatre ‘t Hoogt, near Neude square and City Hall). If you want to order online, the books can be found under the heading of ‘studieboeken/textbooks’ and the webshop can be accessed through this link:

When ordering you can choose whether you want to come pick up the books at the store or have them sent to your adress. They prefer it if you come and pick them up in person so they can meet you and it saves you the shipment fee 😉

Discount for members of Euphorion

As a member of Euphorion you will be granted a discount of 5% on all compulsory study books. In the store you can find both the normal price and the discounted price for members. 

How will I get the discount

You can fill in the form on this site and become a member of Euphorion. Euphorion will give Savannah Bay a list with the names and student numbers of their members. When you buy books in the store you only say your name and student number and they will check and give you the discount if you are on the list.

Ordering online

  1. When you are checking out your books there will be a question for the ‘couponcode’. You will have received this code via e-mail after becoming a member. If you fill in the code then you will receive the discount on the study books that you have ordered.
  2. In the ‘opmerkingenveld’ you will have to fill in your student number so that they can check your membership.

Good luck and enjoy your study! We’ll see you soon in our store.


Marischka Verbeek and Stef, coordinator study books, and the entire team of Savannah Bay.


Telingstraat 13
3512 GV Utrecht
tel 00-31-302314410

Opening times

  • Monday:        13.00-18.00
  • Tuesday:        10.00-18.00
  • Wednesday:  10.00-18.00
  • Thursday:      10.00-21.00
  • Friday:            10.00-18.00
  • Saturday:       10.00-17.00
  • Sunday:          13.00-17.00